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Can I Stage My Home Without Breaking the Bank?

Selling your home involves costs from every angle. From fixing things
in the home in preparation to sell, to advertising, all the way to paying
movers on your way out. It is important to know where you can cut
costs, and when it is worth it to spend the extra money.

Home staging can really make your house feel like a home and allow
buyers to not only see the potential of the home, but see themselves in
it. Not only that, but it can earn a home-seller tens of thousands more
than their original asking price, and Realtor.com has found that a
staged home tends to sell 88% faster than those that are not staged.
Bottom line – you will likely get a worthwhile return on your

Vacant Home Staging vs. Occupied Home Staging

The cost of staging is going to vary, depending on several factors.
Staging a vacant home can be more costly for the simple reason that
you are going to need more products to fill rooms and more time to
set it all up. The more rooms you have and the high the price point of
your home, the higher the home staging cost is going to be. To
mitigate this some, you can choose to stage a few key rooms (living
room, kitchen, master bedroom), leaving the rest of the home vacant.

The benefit of home staging is that you can often use most of your
own décor to set up the home, and supplement with other products,
thus lowering the cost of home staging. The drawback of home
staging when you still occupy the home is that it can often get very
personal. Furniture and décor that you love and feel is needed could
be removed, and family photos, artwork and other personal items are
put away. It can be hard to see elements of your life boxed away, but
in the end, it can make the difference in how quickly you sell your
home for and for how much.

No matter your budget or the size of your home, a House Staging
professional can help you present your home in its best light. They
will help find a design aesthetic that works for you and gets you the
most bang for your buck. Most home staging companies will give you
free quotes, and even some DIY home staging tips for you to get
started on your own.